Skincare routine

My skin has been getting quite good at the moment, so I thought I’d post a skincare routine. My skin used to be so bad, I’d never be comfortable in it and I’d never leave the house without a face of full coverage foundation. Now, I leave the house with only concealer on the few blemishes I have and under my eyes which I love because recently I’ve been into the natural look. So, if you want to find out which products cleared my skin then keep reading!


At night, I use 2 cleansers, I’d heard double cleansing is good for your skin and it ensures that any traces of makeup are removed from my skin. I use the Soap and Glory vitamin C wash first and the Boire charcoal deep cleanser after. The soap and glory wash smells citrusy and has small pink balls in it which helps smooth the skin and the Biore wash has a cooling effect on the skin which I love, however it may be a little intense for sensitive skin. Also the Biore wash does make your skin purge at first but it doesn’t last long and your get clear skin as an end result so it’s definitely worth it!

In the mornings, I use the Let the good times roll fresh cleanser by Lush. It’s all natural and it smells so good! It’s a very sweet scent which is one that I prefer and it even has small pieces of popcorn in it! This cleanser has really contributed to my clear skin.


I don’t use exfoliation a lot but when I do, I use my Manuka honey face exfoliator. I’ve been looking into manuka honey recently and it has many benefits for the skin so hopefully it’ll have a positive effect!

Face masks

I absolutely love the Superdrug masks, they’re only 99p each and they work so well! I especially love the chocolate orange one as it seems to magically clear my skin! It’s a miracle worker. If I don’t have any of the Superdrug masks then I’ll either use my glam glow masks or my lush masks. I have the supermud glam glow and from lush I have 3 that I alternate between: cupcake, don’t look at me and the mask of magnaminty. All 3 of the lush ones smell so good and feel very soothing, the glamglow one is one that I only occasionally use due to the expense.


Right now, I’ve been using the Proactiv mark fading pads to hopefully reduce some acne scars that I still have. Before those though, I used the Body shop tea tree toner which is also very good and it’s also a good price too considering that you get a huge amount of product. The proactiv pads were a gift so I’m not sure how pricey they are but I think you get 15 in a box and you’re not supposed to use them everyday so I will probably use the tea tree toner when I’m not using the mark fading treatment.


At night, I use the Clinique moisture surge as I feel that I need a little more moisture at night whereas in the day, I use the vitamin D cream by Superdrug. It’s perfect for under my makeup and it has spf in it which means that I don’t have to worry about that as well. These two haven’t broke me out at all since using them and the Clinique really boosts the moisture in my skin which being lightweight and in a gel-like formula. A little really goes a long way!

Spot treatment

When my spots are particularly painful or big then I’ll use the Mario Badescu drying lotion, I simply apply it at night and by morning it has massively reduced in size!

Do you use any of these products? Or do you want to? Please comment your holy grail skincare product below!

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