Natural makeup routine

Recently I’ve been really into light makeup, especially since my skin is getting better, so, I’ve decided to share with you my makeup look if I decide to wear any. I don’t always include every step, for example, I may just use concealer instead of foundation or I may not do any contouring/bronzing, but this is just a simple look that I opt to go for when I’m willing to put the effort in.

To start off, I moisturise, I feel like you can’t do anything to your face without this step and like I mentioned in my last post, I use the Superdrug Vitamin D moisturiser and I love it as it smells a little like coconut and contains spf in it which is essential for the skin at any time of the year. It is also extremely inexpensive so I’d definitely recommend!

For primer, I use the Becca Backlight primer as it gives me a healthy glow and it does blur out imperfections which I personally love. This primer however is a little pricey so on the days when I don’t use this, I’ll use the Maybelline Master Prime anti-redness. This is slightly green however I haven’t seen it make a difference to redness in my skin, I simply use it as it does what a regular primer should do, help with the application of makeup and ensure it’s lasting power is that little bit longer.

If I do choose to wear foundation then I’ll use the Maybelline Matte and Poreless as I’ve found that it really does stay matte when paired with my setting spray which I’ll mention later on and it does have the full coverage which helps with the natural appearance. To blend my foundation, I use the Morphe Highlight and Contour Sponge. I dampen this before use and I feel like it really helps maintain the natural skin-like finish.

Concealer is essential in this look because if any blemishes still appear through the foundation then a dab of concealer can solve this problem. I have 3 favourites to choose between for this look: Revolution Define and Conceal, Estée Lauder Double Wear concealer and Maybelline Fit me. These all blend effortlessly into the skin and they all work great when not applied over foundation and they all cover dark circles well.

Sometimes I opt to do a cream contour on these looks as I feel it’s the contour that looks most natural and for this Anastasia Cream Contour Kit owns my heart. It’s easy to blend out and it never looks like you’ve actually contoured, you just look chiselled naturally.

I have oily skin so for the next step, I have to powder and the powder I use is the Rimmel Clear complexion powder. It’s very inexpensive and sets my makeup so that’s all I need in a powder. After this I spritz my face with water to get rid of any powdery effect.

Blush is my favourite part of any makeup look and my absolute fave blush is the Revolution Blushing Hearts. It gives a lovely natural flush to the cheeks and adds a healthy sheen too which I live for! I don’t use highlighter at all with natural makeup looks.

Then I’ll brush through my brows with Benefit Gimme Brow before curling my eyelashes and swiping on a few strokes of Benefit Roller Lash as this can add length but not volume which looks extremely natural.

Finally, to complete the look, I spray the Urban Decay de-slick Setting Spray. This with the foundation stops my skin from getting oily which is an absolute miracle as my skin usually is very oily by the end of the day but I’m still matte 10 hours later with this!

What are your holy grail makeup items and what is one product that you can’t go a day without wearing?

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