My 2019 bucket list

Now that the year has started, I’ve decided that instead of goals or resolutions, I’m going to have a bucket-list, I feel like this way it takes a more light-hearted approach and I’m more likely to stick to it, it’ll most likely be small goals but they’ll be things that I believe will make my 2019 better.

1. Make my mum proud

My mum often tells me that she’s proud of me but this year I want to feel like I know that I’ve made her proud if that makes sense. I’ll hopefully do this by passing my A-levels and getting into med school, or maybe I’ll do something for someone else that will help them accomplish something that’ll also make her proud of me. Either way, I just hope that by the end of the year that I’ve made her smile more times than I can count because she really deserves all the happiness that she can get.

2. Start working out

Now this one will be difficult since I’m the most unmotivated person in the world but I’m definitely going to try and be more active this upcoming year whether it’s walking more or doing sit ups at night, I just want to improve my body. This isn’t for anyone but myself. My family and I may be going on holiday this summer and I want to feel confident in a bikini.

3. Socialise more and give more compliments

It’s free and it makes others and yourself feel better. This year I’m letting go of all grudges and letting people know that if they want to make things right then I’m willing to talk to them about it and set things straight. It helps with mental health and I also like to make others feel confident in themselves which is why I’m so determined to give more compliments, it doesn’t take a lot of thought and it can make someone’s day.

4. Make new friends

I obviously love my friends and I don’t want to replace them at all but I am going to university later in the year and obviously I’m going to need to have friends there. I don’t think anyone from my school is going to the same university as me and I have a feeling that I’ll not be the only one in my situation so hopefully it’ll easy to socialise and create new friendships. Thankfully my confidence has grown in the last few years and although it’s not as high as it could be, it’s high enough to actually be comfortable to talk to new people now. I can’t say it was like that in the past years.

5. Go to ikea

I’ve never been before but it seems full of amazing things and my mum absolutely loves it so hopefully I’ll be able to take a visit there this year. I’ve seen things in the past that are from ikea though I never bought them and I just wish I did! The bedding looks so nice and the decor is really cute too, and since I’m going to university like I mentioned before…

6. Go paintballing

Another thing I’ve never done even though it looks like so much fun! My friends have all said it’s fun so I might be able to persuade them to come with me, the only thing I’m worried about is how painful it may be. I’m such a wimp when it comes to pain but I imagine it may be one of those things where it only hurts for a second before you’re fine again. I’m saying this now but once I’ve been and I’m covered in bruises then it’ll be a completely different story!

7. Try a new food

So simple but I love food and finding more that I enjoy will be easy and if I don’t like something then at least I can say I tried it. I’m not too much of a fussy eater but if I try something once and don’t like it then I’ll never have it again no matter what form it comes in. My mum used to try and get me to eat it in a different way like boiled instead of fried but every time I’d pick it out and not eat it, leaving a pile of them on my plate. These foods are usually vegetables.

8. Keep up my bullet journal

I got serious about this at the end of last year and I’m really glad I did as it helped me to study more so hopefully by keeping it up then I’ll study more than I have ever before. I’m saying this however, but ironically, I’m writing this post to procrastinate so I don’t have to revise! I have done quite a lot today though as I’ve had a lot of free lessons though when this uploads I may not even have had school that day so we’ll see.

9. Go to the beach

This one won’t be hard as I always have at least one day at the beach every summer and my mum is thinking of a holiday to Spain this year so it might be my first time going to a beach abroad as I’ve only ever been to the English coast and I can imagine that it’s much better in Spain with blue skies and clear water so I’m excited to see that if it goes ahead!

10. Change my style

On the 27th when I went shopping in the sales, I decided to go against my usual style and opt for a little more of a girly theme and I love it! Usually, I just work jeans and logo t-shirts like Levi and Tommy Hilfiger and although I like those things, I just don’t like them quite as much as the shirts and blouses I bought just before the new year. I now also have a big pink fluffy coat that I wear everywhere as it’s so cosy. I hope by the end of the year that most of my style has took on the same approach as pink is my favourite colour.

That’s all for my bucket list for this year, please comment down below your ultimate goal of the year!

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