January bullet journal!

It’s that time again where I get to share my bullet journal spreads with you! These are probably my favourite posts as I love to show how creative I get and I know that I’ll be able to look back on them and see how much I improve!

Cover page and mood tracker

So this month I have gone for a stars theme which I think is so cute and I’m so happy with how this turned out! I also love the colour schemes for this month as I love purple and I think the grey ties in nicely with it too! Another thing to keep in mind is that I kept the same bullet journal that I was using before Christmas as I was nowhere near the end of this notebook and I think it would’ve been pointless to buy a new one for the new year, especially since they’re not cheap.

Calendar and Bible quote

I’m also so happy with this spread! I love the font that I used to write the January and I appreciate the more minimalist look that I attempted, I think the smaller calendar works well this month and I have the events and goals sections to jot down anything I need to remember! The quote of this month for me is very fitting, it’s talking about joy ahead and since it’s the start of the new year, it’s quite motivational and uplifting to be reminded that good times are coming.

Trackers and Logs

These spreads are quite simple this month however I hope that encourages me to keep up with them! It won’t take too long to colour in the tracker that day if I have completed them and I’m usually good at keeping track of the memories and dream logs as these are my favourite to look back on! I feel for next month however I may need to use a whole page for the dreams as recently they’ve been taking up a lot of the space that I leave for them!

Weekly Spread

So cute! So so happy with how this turned out even though it’s so simple. I feel like it gives me plenty of space for my to-do lists which I really appreciated last month and it also gives me a little space to write down anything else that is needed. I decided to show the last one as I had space at the end so decided to add a gratitude log so I can also remind myself of why I should be grateful this month! I feel like this will also contribute to my goal of becoming an overall better person this year.

January favourites and Self care inspo

My favourites spreads always seem to be one of my favourites and I don’t know why! It always just seems to turn out a little better than the rest. I loved keeping track of my favourites last month and I always like to go back and see what I’ve previously enjoyed! I look back in February and I get reminded of one of my favourite songs back then and I instantly listen to it again and realise why I liked it so much! If you have a bujo please keep a favourites page each month! I also like my self-care page here. I’m also hoping that this one will help me become a better person too as it’s reminding me to love myself which in turn will help me spread positivity. Most are quite simple such as “take more baths instead of showers” and “spend more time with family and friends.” But they’re things that make me feel good and that I need to do more of!

Brain dump

This is pretty much just a blank double page where anything goes! So far all I’ve added is a dedicated space for blog ideas and schedule so I can keep on top of my blog without it getting in the way of my studying since I have exams coming up this year in June which a super important as these grades determine whether I can get into med school or not! I’ll hopefully keep you informed with that process too and if I’m successful, I’ll post a blog post about my experience of getting accepted and tips that may be helpful!

That’s all for this months spread!

Do you have a bullet journal?

Let me know below!

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    1. There’s lots of instagram and Facebook pages that post bullet journals and Pinterest has lots of ideas too though I’m not sure about discussion boards. I have an Instagram for my bujo and the community is lovely!

    1. Thank you so much! You should definitely get one, you don’t need to update it every day and you can use it anyway you want, I generally use mine for to-do lists so I can keep on top of everything! Xx

    1. I love mine, I did use it at the start of last year but I was put off because I kept comparing it to others but now I take inspo from insta and I add my own touch so I love it! 💗

  1. This is so cute! I had a bullet journal, but I kinda stopped using it mid year last year. This year I’m using a traditional planner + Google Calendar for planning and my to-do lists and schedule and what-not, but maybe I’ll pick up bullet journaling again just for the journaling/brain dump aspect of it. I love making lists and pretty layouts, even if it wasn’t super sustainable for me for my planning/scheduling (I got waaay dragged down with making a daily layout every day, and I found my brain needs more structure). The great part about bullet journaling is that you can make it into whatever you need!

    1. Yes I agree! I got disheartened last year when mine didn’t turn out how I wanted it to but when I picked it up again, I made it more structured around studying and it has really worked! I recommend only doing weekly spreads rather than daily but different things work for different people!

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