Post Christmas haul!

So my lovelies! Today I went to my nearest shopping centre to spend my Christmas money that I so kindly received from family and I was blown away by all the sale prices, it was crazy how much could be reduced!

Now, it was definitely busy and that was quite stressful but I’m 100% sure that it was worth it!

Let’s get on to what I bought!

Fila disruptors in pink

I’ve been seeing these shoes all over insta at the minute and the fact that they do a pink style practically screams at me. I’ve been wanting to own a pair of pink trainers for a while now but I’d never come across a pair that I really liked, luckily for me, these caught my eye and came at a discounted price, I was more than happy to wear these as soon as I bought them!

Fila jumper

This was too unique that I couldn’t not buy it! The top is so cosy and soft and the bottom is like a normal comfy jumper material and I instantly imagined it to be the perfect lazy day jumper. It matches with a whole range of bottom ideas and it can easily transform an outfit with the dual texture design.

Pink teddy coat

When it comes to these coats, primark win hands-down. This coat was so cute and cosy with my outfit and I had seen the exact same one in quiz only minute before for almost double the price, I’m so glad that I decided against buying it from there! If you’re looking for a cute jacket then primark has your back, when you have time to look then you can definitely uncover some hidden gems!

Victoria’s Secret underwear

This is the first time that I actually bought my underwear from Victoria’s Secret, I had a few bras from there but never pants and I’m so glad that I decided to dive in today, these styles are much more sophisticated than pink and I love the shiny detailing and logo waistbands! I was spilt for choice and I especially love that a lot of the designs actually fit well with the bra that I absolutely adore, I think it may be my favourite thing of this entire haul!

Denim skirt

Now this may sound crazy but until earlier today, I didn’t have one denim skirt in my wardrobe, nor had I had one for years! So, when I decided upon having a shopping spree, I made sure to include a trip to topshop so I could buy myself a denim skirt and this was the one that caught my eye the most. I think it may be to do with the contrast on the stitching, either way, I’m glad I now own one!


I’m so happy with these tops that I bought! My favourite is the white one but the blue one is definitely cute and got £5 then you can’t really complain! I was surprised at how well the white one fit since it was petite and I’m quite a tall person but it did fit nonetheless and I’m so glad that I snatched it up, especially since it seemed to be the only one and in my size!


I feel like pore strips are just something kind of entertaining to do when bored, I’m not sure if they actually do anything but it’s worth a try and as for the clay mask, I’m super excited to try it out since I feel like it could be a dupe for the Aztec healing mask that I’ve been dying to try for ages now! If you want a review then please leave a comment!

That was all I bought today guys, please comment below whether you’ll brave the January sales or if you’ll save your money for a rainy day!

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