Blogmas day 9- Christmas makeup looks

As Christmas gets closer, parties get more frequent and obviously, you’re going to want to look a little more festive, so this post is dedicated to tips on how to Christmas up your makeup looks!

Gold and Silver Eyeshadows

Christmas seems to scream sparkle and shine, whether it’s 5 golden rings, tinsel or candles, metallics are pulled into Christmas and adding a pop of gold and silver can quickly intensify the festivity of your appearance. You don’t even need to be a makeup maestro to incorporate this, simply swipe your finger across the eyeshadow then your eyelid and voila!

Candy cane eyeliner

This is such a cute look because it’s not over-the-top and in your face but it shows that you’re in the Christmas spirit! It definitely takes more skills but it’s nothing that a YouTube video can’t teach you. I’m sure you can find red and white eyeliner for cheap too, maybe NYX?

Glazed donut highlighter

Don’t hold back on the highlighter during the holiday season, make your highlight so popping that people can see their reflection in it! Make yourself shine and stand out, this time of the year is the best time for it!

Red Lipstick

Red and green are the colours associated with this holiday and red is definitely the more wearable of the two so why not swipe it on for a Christmas makeup look! Lipstick comes in so many formulas nowadays that it’ll be hard not to find something that suits you! Whether it’s dark or bright red, try it out this holiday season!

Small snowflakes!

This should be fairly easily and instantly increases Christmas spirits, simply use a white eyeliner to draw small snowflakes wherever you desire, you can even add glitter to give the effect of real snow!

Subtle icy changes!

Add a hint of blue to your eyeshadow? Use an icy highlight? Any small icy hue can scream winter if pulled off effectively. I recommend using the blue highlight from the Anastasia moon child glow kit as this contains a very icy shade and a reflective blue shade too.

Full Christmas Spirit

If you have the talent, patience and time for this then I fully advise you to go for it! The all-out Christmas looks are amazing yet I’m nowhere near talented to attempt them! You see tutorials all over YouTube and they’re the best looks ever so why not attempt to do it on yourself! You may be pleasantly surprised!

Those are all my tips for right now but please comment any of your own tips!

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