Blogmas day 8- my favourite Christmas scents!

Christmas calls for all festive products to be released in stores and these products generally happen to be the best scents of the year, but sadly they’re limited edition.

In this post, I’m going to be sharing scents that just scream Christmas at me.

1. Lush Snow Fairy

Sweet scents are my absolute go-to and this one from Lush is a Christmas staple. It smells of bubblegum and candy floss and I’m so excited that they also released a body spray alongside the shower gel this year. If you can get one this year then make sure you do!

2. Vanilla

It’s not a scent attached to Christmas, though I seem to prefer it much more around this time of the year. It just seems much cosier and fitting.

3. Bailey’s

My family always opens the bottle of Baileys around Christmas time and it doesn’t smell too bad! Whenever I smell this drink, it creates a much more festive atmosphere.

4. Quality Street

Our first tin of the year was opened the other day and it instantly transported me back to one of the first Christmas’ I can remember where my sister and I ate a whole tin between us under the table! My personal favourites are the green triangle, and they have been ever since my nan said they were hers when I was 5!

5. Christmas pudding (& brandy sauce)

Christmas isn’t truly Christmas without a pudding, and I don’t think I’ve ever had one Christmas dinner that wasn’t followed by this dessert. For me, it’s such a nostalgic scent and since it’s only around at Christmas then it’s a scent that you can’t really link to anything else.

6. Gingerbread

It’s so popular around this time of year and comes in so many forms such as people or houses or other crazy forms! I love to decorate it but of course the best thing is eating it! I love the scent when it’s cooking because baked goods just seem much more appealing at winter.

7. Hot chocolate

My favourite festive drink, especially with whipped cream and marshmallows! I love the nestle one as it reminds me of DisneyWorld, though I’ve not been able to make it quite as good as there yet. I think it might be where the place affects how it tastes! This year I’ve asked for a Disney mug because they’re really big and cute!

8. Fireside

The cold weather starts and the fireplace comes on. I prefer the sound over the scent but the scent still reminds me of Christmas nonetheless. I love to curl up with a blanket on the sofa and the fire burns.

9. Cookies

A signature scent for Christmas Eve. Everyone at some point has left Santa some cookies on Christmas Eve and my family still traditionally does it due to my two youngest sisters who still love the Man in the Red Suit.

10. Snow

It seems crazy, but I do believe that snow has its own scent. I love the crisp air that is brought with it and I think it just smells much fresher after a layer of snow has coated everything. Sadly, we don’t get much snow in the UK but when we do, I openly greet it since it’s so refreshing.

That’s all the scents that transport me to Christmas, please comment your own below and explain why!

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