Blogmas day 7- My Christmas Traditions

Everyone celebrates Christmas differently and I personally think that it’s so interesting to hear how others spend the holiday that the world loves, it’s amazing to hear what makes their Christmas so special and enjoyable. If you care to hear about mine, then please continue.

I generally wake up around 5am on Christmas Day due to excitement and unsurprisingly nobody else is awake. So, as quietly as I can, I change into an outfit that my mum has bought, usually matching to everyone else and go down to wash my face and do my hair (our bathroom is downstairs.) Luckily, I don’t get a glimpse of the living room as my Mum shut the door the night before.

Once I’m ready, I wake up my 2 youngest sister’s who thankfully don’t mind because of the date and I help them also change into their outfits before we awake the other 3.

After we all have our matching outfits on, my two youngest sisters then wake our Mum up who is used to it by now. She also changes and then we take a Christmas Day selfie before my mum goes downstairs to check if Santa has been.

Once we’re in the clear, everyone races downstairs and we all sit beside our presents where our Mum chooses the one present that she wants us to open first, one at a time. Once she’s captured our reactions, she lets us go crazy, opening our presents and thanking her endless amounts!

Satisfied with our presents, Mum has a coffee and I do my makeup, usually using any products that I have just received. This is mainly so I can test them out!

Around an hour later, we join by the tree again to open presents from others, making sure we each have our gift from that person before opening.

We then watch a Christmas film until it’s a reasonable time to go to my nan’s house. A walk around to my nan’s house is Christmas tradition and if it’s been snowing then we just have to roll a snowman on the way there. By time we get inside, she’s usually made us tea or hot chocolate to warm up.

She then takes us to her front room where her presents await and our nan always buys us the same presents every year yet we’re always still so excited. It usually consists of pyjamas, slippers and a lush set. I usually get the snow fairy gift set and I adore that scent, it’s my absolute favourite!

My nan, after watching us open our presents gets back to the Christmas dinner and once done, we gather around the table in her dining room. She’s usually made far too much and our eyes are bigger than our belly but we always have such a laugh and that continues after the dinner when everything’s cleared away and we join in the front room where we turn off our electronics and just enjoy each other’s company.

This usually lasts until around 7pm before we bid farewell to our nan and walk back home. We take turns to go in the bath with our new bath bombs and changing into new pyjamas is the best thing ever! After, my family all gather in the front room and we watch one of the films that I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post!

And that is usually my traditions, of course I do give presents back but I feel like it’s such a given that it shouldn’t have to be mentioned, why wouldn’t you buy your loved ones a present?

Anyway, please share your favourite Christmas traditions below!

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  1. Wassail, we love having this heat up through the night in the crock-pot and wake up Christmas morning to cinnamon and nutmeg and orange all rolled into one.

    It’s the best!

  2. Aww I love that you have matching outfits, that’s so cute! Great traditions, I used to wake up early when I was a bit younger but now my mum is the first one up, she gets so excited and has to wake us up around 8am! We then open all the presents and have Christmas dinner and just watch films and play games!! It’s such a cosy and lovely day 🙂

    Chloe xx

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