Blogmas day 6- my top 5 Christmas movies!

It’s not Christmas until you’ve watched a Christmas movie and if you’re stuck on what to watch then you’re in luck since I’ve lined up my top 5 movies that always make me significantly more festive than I was feeling before.

1. Elf

This is such a traditional Christmas film that I haven’t gone a year without watching it! I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t watched it but it’s about a human who accidentally gets taken to the North Pole as a baby and he soon discovers that he’s not the same as the other elves and he goes to New York to find his father. Due to his upbringing however, it’s not as easy as he first thought. As well as this movie being completely heart warming it’s also a comedy which involves an extraordinarily long burp and a super quick snowball throwing arm. This is a movie for the whole family and is perfect to watch curled up with a mug of hot chocolate!

2. Home alone

Another classic and another that can never get boring. This story involves a young boy from a large family who gets forgotten when his family go on holiday! While they’re gone the boy is left to save his house from 2 burglars by setting creative traps that stop them from getting in, for example, broken baubles under the window so they hurt their feet when they get in. I feel like this film also classes as a comedy and it’s a feel-good film for around Christmas time. If you haven’t watched it then I definitely recommend.

3. Polar Express

Once of the cutest Christmas film that will undoubtedly get you in the Christmas spirit. This plot consists of a young boy who doesn’t believe in Santa until Christmas Eve when a train pulls up outside his house to take children to the North Pole to see Santa, on the way he meets friends and experiences an unforgettable trip with an unforgettable meeting at the final destination. This is again, a family friendly film and it’ll ignite the Christmas magic in your life.

4. Santa paws

Set in an orphanage where a young girl discovers Santa’s dog who can talk to those who truly believe in Christmas. While he spends time with the girls, something not-so-pleasant is occurring to Santa and it is left up to the elves to help Santa and his dog. There’s definitely sad and on-the-edge moments but they’re completely overweighted by the festive and happy moments of the film. I think this film has my favourite scene from any Christmas film I’ve ever seen!

5. How the grinch stole Christmas

This is a classic and I don’t think I’ve met a person who hasn’t seen this. You may hate the grinch at first however you discover the sad reason as to why he hates Christmas. Even if you don’t watch this film for the storyline, I think it’s worth watching for the wacky hairstyles of the humans in the town, a lot of hairspray must’ve been used during that film! It’s a slightly predictable plot though at Christmas you should definitely be more forgiving for this film!

So they’re my favourite Christmas films that I watch pretty much every Christmas! Let me know which ones you’ve watched and comment your favourite Christmas film!

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