Blogmas day 4 – December Bullet journal

Hi guys! So close to Christmas now and since I’ve kept up with my bullet journal so far, I’m sharing my December spreads! You were all so lovely last time so I hope you enjoy these designs just as much!

Front design

So for my cover I decided to go with a snowflake and Christmas light theme and I tried to make my title look like calligraphy though it’s not too good since I used a plain biro. I really like the fairy lights however and I’m quite happy with the touch of blue on the snowflakes.


So my trackers for this month is quite simple and I’m able to keep both habit trackers and my mood tracker on the same page and again, as you can see, I have both the snowflakes and fairy lights to decorate the page.


So I’m not too keen on the title on this page but I’m pretty happy with how everything else turned out. I have a small area for 5 goals I hope to accomplish, a list of the events so far and a small angel drawing in the corner with some tinsel detailing at the bottom which I’m quite happy with.

Weekly spread

So since I started this month from the beginning, I decided to add weekly spreads so that I can use my bullet journal instead of my ordinary planner. This is an example of the first week and they all follow this layout which I love, and since I love it then I know I’ll definitely be using it!

Dream & Memory log

So last month I learnt that although I dream quite often, it’s no where near enough to fill a full page so this month my memories and dreams are going to share a page and to separate, I’ve once again, added a tinsel detailing.

Bible quote

So once again, I’ve added a bible quote and obviously it was only fitting to make it Christmas related and happy, I’m not overly impressed with the drawing of the big star but I’m able to look past it and just appreciate the quote!

Step counter

I’m trialling this idea out this month since I’ve seen it on Pinterest and it seems interesting. I usually complete around 7,500 steps a day and I’m hoping that this tracker will encourage me to do more which in turn, will help with my goal of losing weight, which can be especially difficult around Christmas time!

December favourites

I really like my favourites spread again this month due to its simplicity. It’s separated into the same 4 sections as last month and has the snowflakes at the bottom to add a Christmas touch. This is the last page of this spread and I’m please with how it turned out.

So that was my bullet journal for this month! Let me know in the comments if you preferred this months or last months and share your bullet journal on twitter or Instagram!

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