Blogmas day 3- Ultimate gift guide!

How many times have you looked on a gift guide to see lists for your mum consisting of flowers and chocolate, it’s so annoying right?

My lists are going to be foolproof gift guides that both men and women of all ages can appreciate.

Unisex gifts

  • Jewellery – especially customised as it shows that you’ve put that extra little thought in just for them!
  • Speaker – they come in hundreds of designs and everyone loves at least some type of music!
  • Journal/Planner – may seem boring but it’s incredibly useful!
  • A new bag – mainly aimed for women but who’s to say a man can’t enjoy a new satchel or rucksack!
  • Clothing – simple but when done right, extremely effective.
  • Hamper – these are so cute and show a lot of thought as they can be customised to a specific person!
  • Photo album or frame – filled with their favourite photos, keep the tissue box handy!
  • Concert tickets – choose the right artist and this is the perfect gift, you get to go and make someone else happy!

Gifts for women

  • Makeup – of course, there’s nothing wrong with guys wearing makeup, like hello sister James, but still to this day, women still dominate with the numbers of those who wear makeup.
  • Bath bombs- again, nothing wrong with men wanting these but the candy floss scented bath treats are more marketed towards girls who opt for a sweeter scent.
  • Body Sprays- incredibly easy to find and incredibly pleasing to have!
  • Chunky knit blanket- so maybe this has made the list because I want one but they look so cosy and aesthetically pleasing!
  • Hot water bottle- appreciated by women during their period and Primark happen to be selling the cutest Winnie-the-Pooh ones right about now…
  • Perfume- there’s always one scent she likes, you just have to find out which one it is
  • Cute slippers- seems unlikely but they’ll be much more appreciated than you think.
  • Big mug- there’s nothing better than curling up on the sofa with a blanket and a huge mug of hot chocolate, let her experience that!
  • Spa day- I’ve been wanting to go to a spa for ages now, and what better way than to spend it with someone you love! I’m definitely considering this present this year.

Gifts for men

  • Cologne- now girls, think carefully about this, what do you want your man to smell like?
  • Football tickets- yes it’s cliche, but most men like football, just ask them what team they support and if they can answer easily, it’s the gift to get them.
  • Trainers/Sneakers- most worn footwear by men and most will usually keep them until they’re practically unwearable.
  • New video game- I can count on one hand the number of guys who haven’t been glued to their games console since Fortnite, give him a change!
  • Socks- they don’t know they need them until there’s none left in the draws!

Gifts for Children

  • A Christmas toy- it’ll sleep on their bed every night and will become their new best friend.
  • A bicycle- it’s the time when you scrape your knees countless times but when you’ve learnt, you’re on top of the world!
  • Pet- they’ve been begging and it’s the only thing that’ll keep them quiet!
  • DVD player- preferably portable, it’ll hopefully stop them complaining during long car journeys!
  • Simple toys- skipping rope, football, hula hoop, simple, inexpensive, but endless hours of fun!
  • Pyjamas- I’ve received pyjamas every year for as long as I can remember and still, nothing can beat changing into pyjamas after a hot bath on Christmas Day!

Well, that concludes my gift guide! I hope it’s helped somebody out and if you use one of these ideas then please let me know in the comments!

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