Blogmas day 2 – Christmas Tag

Day 2 guys! I’m so excited to be doing Blogmas and I really hope I’m successful and complete it!

I’ve rounded up questions off of the internet and as I answer, they’ll hopefully give you more of an insight as to what my christmas is like and who I am!

1. What’s the best Christmas present you’ve ever received?

I think a present that I was most excited to get was my iPod touch when I was 12. My sister also got one and she opened hers before me so when I saw what she got I was so jealous but then I realised I’d also got one so I wouldn’t have to steal hers!

2. What is one tradition that you’ve never broke?

Definitely Christmas dinner at my nan’s house. My family has done this from way before I was even born so it has easily become part of our Christmas traditions.

3. Earliest Christmas memory?

So think I was around 4 or 5 when this happened. It was Christmas Eve and I couldn’t sleep; I was too excited! My mum however, wanted to get everything ready for when Santa came! So, she dressed up as Father Christmas himself and came up the stairs with bells, she came into the bedroom and my younger sister threw up with excitement and my mum put on this high pitched voice saying, “Go to sleep little girls.” I was screaming at my Mum saying I knew it was her but as soon as she went I fell asleep straight away!

4. Favourite Christmas film?

The elf! It’s such a classic and it’s another film that I’ve watched every year since I was little! The long burp that Buddy did always had me laughing! Nativity has also come a recent favourite in our household too, who doesn’t love Mr Poppy?

5. When do you get excited for Christmas?

I’d say as soon as Halloween is over but truthfully it’s a little before then as I’m not overly celebratory of Halloween, I’d prefer to stay in and watch Christmas films over getting dressed up and going out.

6. What’s your favourite sweet treat around Christmas?

So many to choose from! I don’t think I can choose only 1 favourite! I love baking with my nan around Christmas and my favourites are probably mince pies or gingerbread, although the gingerbread men have to be quite soft for me to prefer those.

7. Favourite Christmas song?

Merry Xmas Everybody is a classic and it’s the first Christmas song I heard this year so it really got me in the spirits! A more modern song that I like though is Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande. This song is getting played more every year now and I think that it could definitely become a classic in years to come.

8. Favourite Christmas beverage?

I really love eggnog and most of the festive drinks from Starbucks but recently Nestle hot chocolate has stolen my heart. I’m a huge sweet tooth and that hot chocolate won me over when I was at DisneyWorld. Our family loved it so much that Mum ordered a huge box full of sachets and paid around £50! If you go to DisneyWorld, hot chocolate is the one drink you NEED to try!

9. Worst Christmas so far?

2016 was by the far the most difficult. It was the first Christmas without my granddad who was more of my father figure and it just wasn’t the same without him.

10. How would you like to celebrate Christmas when you’re older?

Hopefully, I’ll have 2 or 3 children and a husband. I’d like to have 2 trees in my house- one Disney themed and the other to decorate with home-made decorations and other baubles we seem to like. I’d have an elf on the shelf for my children and we’d spend many nights watching classic Christmas movies.

I hope you all enjoyed this post as I found it quite fun answering them!

Please comment your answers to any of these questions below!

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