Blogmas day 12- Spice up your hot chocolate

You can drink hot chocolate all year round so at Christmas it’s surely be nice to make it a little extra special don’t you think? So in this post I’m going to give you some ideas and how to enjoy your hot chocolate a little more around the festive season!

So before we begin, you can either make your hot chocolate using cocoa powder or melting chocolate and mixing it with milk. The latter option is definitely more rich and creamy but if you’re not as much of a sweet tooth then you may opt for the first choice.

1. Chocolate orange!

This combination is loved by many so if you love this duo then it’s definitely worth a try! To get this hot chocolate simply add orange zest to your hot chocolate or use chocolate orange instead of plain chocolate!

2. Peppermint

Or as I like to call it, candy cane lane. Simply add drops of peppermint oil to your preference and sip away!

3. Cinnamon!

Not hugely associated around Christmas time though it just seems to fit perfectly around fall and winter time due to its scent and spice. To incorporate this isn’t your hot chocolate simply add a teaspoon and stir well/until fully dissolved.

4. Gingerbread

Gingerbread men are cute but you’re an adult now and you want to be mote sophisticated while still enjoying memories of your childhood! Gingerbread syrup would be a good way to add this flavour or adding ginger and stirring well. If you really want to taste the gingerbread man as you remember it then don’t be afraid to add golden syrup and cinnamon too!

5. Caramel

Embrace your sweet tooth this Christmas and stir in a teaspoon or two of caramel sauce, sticky, sweet and possibly sickly but it’s all part of the festive fun!

6. Bailey’s

If you like to get a little tipsy at Christmas but you need a hint of sweetness to help along the way then simply substitute the milk for bailey’s in your hot chocolate, naughty but nice!

7. Nutella

This combination may ruin a whole month’s worth of dieting but surely it’ll be worth it? Mix in a generous amount of this chocolate spread with your beverage and I’m sure you’ll not want to drink anything else this winter!

8. Snowy hot chocolate!

Want your beverage to remind you of snow whilst also keeping you warm? Switch the regular chocolate for white chocolate, it not only looks cute but also has a different sweeter taste!

9. Popcorn

You reach for it when you watch a movie so why not try and enjoy it in a different way! Simply add a pinch of sugar, a pinch of salt, top with whipped cream and sprinkle the popcorn on top! Of course you don’t have to add the salt though some prefer it over the sweet!

10. Marshmallow

Used to top it off but who said you can’t add them in? It sweetens it up and who doesn’t love a gooey melted marshmallow! In costa they will also put in the marshmallows before the cream if you ask so you don’t even have to do it yourself!

I hope you liked the idea of these recipes! If you have any ideas to add then please share below, I’d love to hear them!

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