Blogmas day 11- Snow fairy body conditioner review

Is it really Christmas if you haven’t had a Christmas Lush product?

Snow fairy is my absolute favourite festive Lush product and this year they haven’t held back, they’ve bought out a whole collection of snow fairy products and I love it! So, on a recent shopping trip, I decided to purchase the new body conditioner.

The snow fairy scent is very sweet and smells of bubblegum and candy floss so I’d say it’s definitely not a scent for everyone but I personally love it!

So I used it in the shower and I love it! I may be slightly biased since I love the scent but I really did think that it was moisturising. My legs feel so soft after using it and of course they smell good enough to eat (although I don’t recommend that you do eat your own legs!).

I also like the fact that there’s glitter in the product as it’s iridescent and leaves my legs slightly shimmery though not overwhelming which is something that I prefer; no one wants to walk around with disco legs!

Like all lush products, it’s vegan and it’s thanks to Mango and Avocado butter as to why it’s so moisturising.

Since I’ve only used it once I can’t give much more of an opinion but I definitely like it and I can see myself using it a lot more over this holiday season!

What’s your signature scent during the festive period?

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