Blogmas day 10- how to stay happy at Christmas

Everyone’s merry and cheerful but we’re all human and that of course means that there’ll be times when you’re not as happy so in this post, I’m going to produce a list of ways that you can stay happy at Christmas, and I’m sure these tips can be used at other times of the year too!

  • Watch a Christmas movie! – I absolutely adore Christmas films and when I’m down I love to snuggle in a blanket or my dressing gown and watch a Christmas classic such as the Elf and it never fails to cheer me up!
  • Have Hot chocolate! it’s popular for a reason around this time! Chocolate is now known to release endorphins so scientifically, this is a fool-proof way to cheer you up as well as an excuse to drink the sweet beverage!
  • Spend time with loved ones – whenever I’m down, I always go to my mum. She’s so funny and knows how to cheer me up instantly. I had a bad experience last Christmas and as soon as she found out she instantly made me smile and gave me advice, since then I’ve been a much happier person and I’m actually really glad that the bad experience did happen as strange as that may seem!
  • Make some Christmas crafts – I’ve found in the past that distracting yourself both calms you down and can cheer you up! My favourite activity is paper chains and it’s calming and when I’ve completed one I feel so accomplished and can then place it wherever I like in the house!
  • Sit by the Christmas tree – I don’t know about you but I think you just simply can’t be sad while looking at the sparkly tinsel and fairy lights, it’s an instant mood booster!
  • Go out in the snow – now this one is dependant on weather but if you get snow then make the most of it! Wrap up and build a snowman or take Instagram photos, whatever fun activity you want to do, just go for it!
  • Read – I personally enjoy this because when I read, I can get transported to a completely new world though I know that’s not the case for others. I just find it really easy to pass a couple of hours by simply reading and it completely distracts me from everything else.
  • Listen to Christmas songs – There isn’t one single Christmas hit out there that doesn’t sound completely happy and upbeat, music has also been scientifically proven to alter your mood so if you’re feeling down then the happy classic Christmas songs will be sure to cheer you up!
  • Bake and eat Christmas treats! – not only will the scent of baking goods cheer you up but so will the taste of your delicious creations whether it’s sugar cookies, gingerbread men or mince pies! You can also alter these to suit your taste which makes the whole situation even better!

Those are all the tips that I have but I’d love to hear some of yours in the comment below!

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