Blogmas day 1 – Guide to post-Christmas Sales

Merry Blogmas everyone!

I decided this would be a fitting first post since I’m no stranger to the Post-Christmas sales and I annually go to the biggest shopping centre that’s not too far from where I live.

I usually go on the 27th December and the place is absolutely heaving with people!

My first tip is to definitely go in with a plan. I usually attend shops with larger queues first because this way you can ensure that you get the best deals and you don’t get caught in the queues for 2 hours because it’s really not fun.

I’d also recommend asking for money in place of makeup. I did this last year and I ended up with double the amount that I would have had if I had received it as a present for Christmas. Yes, it is definitely nice to open makeup as a surprise on Christmas Day but it’s also great to get all the limited edition Christmas products for less than half price! Last year I got a Glam Glow set for £25 that was getting sold for £110 before Christmas!

In order to get best value for money, I recommend getting your bigger brands in these sales. I usually get my Tommy Hilfiger clothing in these sales and I love it as they all get sold at outlet prices; I can easily get £500 worth of clothing for only £100!

Start early in the morning! If you’re a serious shopper like me then you need to start as soon as the shops open! You will need the whole day to search around and you will spend a lot of time in lines. Being there from the minute shops open ensures you can squeeze in a few before it gets busy.

Take a break! It is exhausting but the outcome is definitely pleasing. Make sure you eat lunch and have at least an hours rest before you rush off to find more bargains. It’s tempting to skip this out but your aching arms and legs will definitely appreciate it!

My final tip which is one of the biggest ones is to take a bag-pack with you! I guarantee that you will buy lots and your arms will be aching! So, unless you can dump your bags somewhere halfway through the day, bring a bag-pack. This will help balance out the weight and it’s nowhere near as hard as carrying 10 bags! This is the one tip that you definitely cannot forget!

That’s all my tips for right now everyone! If you have any more then please help each other out and comment them below! I’d love to hear them!

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