2018 beauty reviews!

So this year is almost over and that means that I’ve tried a lot of beauty products, some good and some bad! In this post, I’m sharing the ones that I feel need mentioning the most whether it’s for good reasons or bad…

Anastasia Beverley Hills Sundipped Glow Kit – 9/10

This was my first ever glow kit and I was so excited that I received it! The colours and pay off are absolutely amazing and it’s the first highlighter I reach for when in need of a serious glow. The only reason this didn’t score 10 is because I barely use the colour bronzed as it’s too dark. I usually mix the other 3 colours for a perfect shade that’s absolutely blinding! If you have paler skin it’s probably best to opt for a different glow kit but for darker toned skins it’s absolutely perfect!

Maybelline matte and poreless foundation- 8/10

Now this is a strange one for me, I tried it earlier in the year and fell in love with it however, I recently repurchased and it’s just not the same! The coverage isn’t as good and it’s harder to blend. So why 8/10 you may ask? Well that’s because the longer you keep it on for, the better it looks! After an hour of wearing it, my skin underneath seems to be smoother and the blemishes that peeked through before have vanished! It’s very strange although I’m not complaining! It doesn’t stay completely matte on my oily skin, though it holds up a lot better than others!

Revolution setting spray- 5/10

I purchased this earlier in the year since I couldn’t get a hold of my beloved urban decay. I seemed to think it was the perfect dupe. It does keep my makeup on all day! However, I recently got the urban decay spray again and I’ve really noticed the difference. I stay a lot more matte with the urban decay one and my makeup looks better by the end of the day. It’s not the quite the perfect dupe that I had first suspected.

L’Oréal green glam nude CC cream- 1/10

One word: awful. It doesn’t cancel the red out at all. It blends orange on your skin and the green hue doesn’t fully fade, it provides no coverage at all and the smell is awful, it smells so strong of chemicals that I first wondered if it was even safe for my face… I even tried this product multiple times and each time I’ve been disappointed, I can’t make this product work.

Huda Beauty New Nude- 10/10

I love this product! The colours are so pigmented and the eye looks that can be created are amazing! I particularly love the glitter shades and I’ve been playing around with the palette since I received it at Christmas and I’ve still not found any faults, I just need to improve my skills some more and I can’t wait to find out more looks that can be invented!

Revolution Define and Conceal Foundation – 9/10

This foundation is amazing! It has the perfect coverage and I love the applicator! The colour is a little dark for me though that’s my own fault but it holds up all day and makes my skin so smooth! The only slight problem I have with this is that it rubs off a little where my glasses sit though I feel like all foundation will do that anyway!

Revolution blushing hearts- 10/10

This is my holy grail of blushers and has made me obsessed with applying blush! It’s a perfect rosy pink shade and although it looks extremely shimmery, on the cheeks it only adds a soft sheen which makes it look like a natural glow. You also get so much product for your money that it’s worth every penny! I recommend this to anyone who’s struggling to find the perfect blush. I even prefer this over Nars orgasm blush that just wasn’t worth the hype for me.

Neil and Wolf Blonde Shampoo- 8/10

This shampoo was recommended to me by my hairdresser when I had it coloured earlier this month and I do believe it makes a difference! My hair feels so soft after using this and the colour does seem brighter! It also smells so good as with all Neil and Wolf products. Their hair perfume is also amazing and I always get compliments when I use it!

Lush let the good times roll- 10/10

This cleanser along with my biore one that I’ve been using for over a year now has cleared my skin like crazy! It’s all natural and it smells so good, honestly it smells good enough to eat and even has pieces of popcorn in for added effect! I use this every morning and it adds a soft glow to my skin as it gently exfoliates. I feel like Lush skincare is so underrated and people should definitely invest in one of their fresh face cleansers as much as they do with the masks!

These are all my reviews for this post! Please comment below a beauty product you’ve loved or hated this year and explain why! Thank you for reading!

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