My November bullet journal

Hello everyone!

I’m sorry for being so inactive all of a sudden, I just burnt myself out so quickly and lost inspiration fast but I’m back now and feeling refreshed! I’m going to aim to post twice a week, once midweek and one on a weekend which will be either Friday or Saturday!

Now that I’ve got the apologises and admin out of the way, let’s get into the part you care about, the bullet journal!

Just some background info: a bullet journal is a notebook where you plan your life and jot down any thoughts that come to mind. I started mine back in February and stayed dedicated through to April before losing it. Luckily, I found it last night and decided to do some spreads for the rest of the month that you’ll hopefully like!

November cover page

Now, I’m nowhere near an artist and therefore I was pretty pleased with how this turned out, sure there’s a dodgy pumpkin but we can just ignore that for now. I’ve also opted for a more minimalist theme this month rather than colourful and most pages only have one colour, the quote page being the only exception here.

Monthly view

Again, it’s not perfect but I’m not mad at it. Since we’re halfway through the month I chose to do a quick monthly page rather than a double spread with the weekly logs. I will be doing that next month but for now I’ll keep my to do lists in my school planner and I’ll just quickly scribble important dates and events in my bujo, and yes, bowling is extremely important!

Study Log

This is the first time I’ve incorporated a study log into my bujo and I’m pretty confident that it’ll encourage me to study more because I won’t want to leave a day blank, even if it’s just an hour, like today, I’ll make sure that there’s a mark beside each day! This will also be brought into my December spreads due to important mock exams coming up!

Dream Log

Okay so this one looks bare but I can assure you that it will fill up fairly quickly! I often have crazy dreams and I like to read back on them and check for patterns within them, I read back on dreams from February today and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t laugh at them though some I can’t even remember having now! If you’re planning on also doing a dream log then ensure you type it onto your phone as soon as you wake up and then copy it up later unless you have the journal and pen on hand as soon as you wake.

Bible quote

When I first started my bullet journal, I decided that I’d always have a bible page for each month because whenever I’m sad, they always inspire me. I really love the quote that I chose this month as I like to think that stars are my loved ones watching over me, such as my granddad. There’s so many beautiful bible quotes to choose from and I love to incorporate my religion into my journal.

Bucket List and memories

I knew that I wanted a bucket list this month though I already knew that it wouldn’t be long enough to fill a full page, so instead, I divided the page in half and added a section for some good memories at the bottom. I love to look back on memories and it’s easier to recall them if there’s a little information logged on a page! As for my bucket list, it’s not the most interesting but I’ve made it realistic, although I can’t say for definite about the legs and skin. I do however, think that I’ve drilled it into my brain that I NEED to pass those mocks!

Monthly favourites

Ironic, my favourite spread of this month is my monthly favourites! I don’t know why I like this one so much but I do! My favourites are random, I’ll say that straight of the bat, who’s favourite thing of a month is mints? Back in February, I did a spread of my favourites and I was convinced that my favourites could not change, I loved every product far too much to even consider disliking it, but some of my favourite songs back then, haven’t been played on my phone since the month I declared it as amazing. I definitely recommend this spread if you’re contemplating a bucket journal!

Mood tracker

This is one spread that always seems to mess up for me but luckily this month, it hasn’t! I hope that by the end of the month my scarf is looking a little more creative though I don’t really want to experience the bad emotions! I really want to try this out to compare my moods to other months to see when I’m more happy or sad etc.

Okay so that was all for my bullet journal! I hope you all liked it! Please let me know in the comments if you have a billet journal or want to start one!

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  1. Bullet journals are really cool. I love looking on Pinterest to see the different designs people create. This journal looks like it’s a lot of fun and I think I’ll create one myself for next year so I can be organised and get creative and artsy! Thanks for the inspiration!

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