Holler and Glow – Glitter Mask Review

Recently I purchased a glitter mask from the Primark-owned brand Holler and Glow. I mentioned this product in my recent post which was a beauty haul. My first impression is that it could be a dupe to the glam glow glitter mask.

The mask upon application disappointed me, it was much more sheer than I expected and the glitter didn’t really stand out as much as I first thought it would. It also scratched my skin as I applied it because the glitter was quite rough. The smell was also quite unpleasant.

Drying time of this product was fairly quick which I liked as enjoy peeling off masks and it peeled off much easier than expected which was extremely satisfying.

Once removed, I couldn’t see any major differences with my skin and it didn’t feel any cleaner than it did to start with. I think the mask was definitely fun but I don’t think it’ll be a staple to my skincare routine!

Have you ever tried a Holler and Glow product and how was your experience with it?

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    1. I loved the glitters too! I was just so disappointed, I still have an extra use out of it though so when I want some fun I’ll use it again!

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