Disney World Favourites!

Last October, I went to DisneyWorld the first time ever and I can safely say that I loved it and have been missing it ever since! So, in honour, I’ve decided to share my favourite things from the holiday in the style of a tag.

Which was your favourite park and why?

This is so generic but it’s got to be Magic Kingdom, it’s the home of the castle, it’s the biggest park I believe and it’s where everything happens and of course, it has the most photo opportunities which is pretty useful!

Name your favourite ride from each park.

Magic Kingdom = Space Mountain. I love roller coasters and I loved the one in Paris so I wasn’t surprised to have loved it in Florida too!

Hollywood Studios = Tower of Terror. This was so huge and I love big rides, my photo is also good on this one which I’m glad about because the first time I went on in Paris, I had my eyes shut the whole way up so the photo looked like I was sneezing!

Animal Kingdom = Pandora Flight of Passage. By far the best ride in DisneyWorld. The graphics are amazing and the stimulation is so good that it really feels as though you’re there. If there’s one ride you go on during your whole holiday, make it this one! Even if you have to wait in the long queue, the scenery makes for some insta-worthy shots!

Epcot = Soarin’. This is similar to Flight of Passage in the sense that it’s a simulator and although it’s not as advanced, it’s still a fun ride that can be enjoyed by your whole family. In this one you fly over the World and see places like India and Antarctica.

Favourite food and drinks?

I definitely liked most food from Disney but the sweet treats were what blew it out of the water for me, especially the Krispy treats and popcorn, they were so good! As for drinks, I could consume every drop of hot chocolate they had and still want more. It was definitely sweet but I couldn’t get enough, I had at least 2 mugfuls each day!

How was the shopping?

I loved shopping! In Disney itself, it was very expensive but I loved Mouse Gear and Sephora. Mouse Gear was where I bought my ears from and Sephora is obviously every makeup lover’s dream! As for the outlets, I was overwhelmed! I bought so much Tommy Hilfiger stuff from there as it was so cheap and I even got a bralette from VS for $3! You don’t just see those prices anywhere else! I do wish that we were there for Black Friday though as they had 75% off in EVERY SINGLE SHOP!

Who was your favourite character to meet and why?

My favourite character was Timon from the Lion King. When I was planning the character meet and greets, he actually wasn’t on my list, my top 2 were Gaston and Winnie the Pooh, neither of whom I actually met! Despite this, I was glad that we got to meet Timon as he was so playful and cheeky and the smiles on our photos with him were so genuine.

Favourite memory?

Definitely seeing the Fireworks and Parade for the first time! We watched the Happily Ever After show and it was amazing, it was completely breathtaking! I loved it so much that I even learnt all the words to the song. The parade was the festival of fantasy parade and it was amazing to see all the colourful costumes and characters!

Where did you stay?

I stayed at the All Star Music resort and its gorgeous! It’s decorated in pastel colours and it has two pools in the resort which I loved, especially as they played films there at night and held activities during the day. It was the perfect end to a busy day!

Did you have any bad experiences?

I wouldn’t say that I did however the only one negative that I can think of was that my English plug went missing so I couldn’t charge my phone when I returned from the parks unless I charged it from my TV which had to be on for that to happen. I’m not saying it got stolen although it wasn’t where I had left it when I got back that day.

What was your favourite souvenir?

I think it’s a given that my Minnie ears were my favourite gift from Disney, everyone wore a pair and it was the perfect accessory for every outfit, it’s a shame that it’s not the norm to walk around your hometown wearing them! I did also like my Tommy trainers that I bought from the outlet, I still wear them to this day, they were 100% worth the money!

So these are all the questions I prepared for this tag but please feel free to ask questions in the comments and I’ll be sure to respond!

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