Beauty haul!

So today I went to my nearest shopping centre with my friend and as usual, I ended up spending much more than I intended, however I realised that it was all skincare/beauty items which is what I base most of my blog around so I thought that I’d make a post from it.

Lush Don’t look at me face mask

So I managed to get this face mask for free since I managed to save 5 of my empties! I was tempted to get the cupcake face mask again since that smells divine but I decided that I’d go for a new one to test it out, especially since the woman who worked there said that it’d help with my oily skin.

Organik Botanik Charcoal Face Mask

I’ve never heard of this brand before, however, I got it from TK Maxx and the cute packaging stole my heart. My skin suffers from breakouts quite regularly and the charcoal face wash from Biore seems to really help so I’m hoping this mask will work wonders.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

I’ve heard so much about this cleanser on Instagram so I was really excited to get this. Luckily, Boots sell a smaller £10 version which is the one I purchased so I can test it out before I buy the full-size.

Oh k! Gold foil sheet mask

This is definitely a mask that I’m more excited for as its gold and Korean! I absolutely love Korean skincare as it makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated without being oily and the packaging of Oh K! products are adorable!

Becca Summer Radiance Kit

Summer may be over but Summer skin is my absolute favourite and it seems as though I may be able to recreate it with this small set that includes the backlight priming filter and the sunlit bronzer. I have already unboxed this and the bronzer is shimmery which isn’t what I usually go for so I’ll definitely let you know how I get on with that though that’ll probably be on my Twitter.

Holler and Glow Glitter Glow face mask

As soon as I saw this, I picked it up as I figured that it would be a dupe to the glam glow glitter mask which I’ve been wanting for some time now. I’ll be using it tonight and I intend to do a first impressions blog on it!

Primark reindeer slipper socks

These were simply too cute not to buy and who doesn’t love a warm pair of slippers during winter!

Primark Cleansing mittens

These are what I’m planning to use to remove most of my makeup before using the Liz Earle face wash as you can simply wet them with water and they’ll remove all your makeup! I’ve had one previously yet sadly lost it so I snatched these up in Primark where they came in packs of 3 for £2.50!

Rose Gold Eyelash curler

I lost my eyelash curlers literally years ago but I had been too lazy to repurchase a pair but when I saw this cute one in Primark for only £1.50, I had to buy it!

And finally, that’s the end of my haul! I hope you enjoyed reading and if you did please like and subscribe to my blog!

Please comment if you want any first impressions or have your own review/opinion of any of the products mentioned above!

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  1. Oh man, are we twins?! Oily skinned Korean skincare lover over here 😂 I’m actually doing the Korean 10 step skincare routine at the mo which I’ve done a blog post about if you’re interested!
    I love Korean packaging too, it’s so cute! Let me know about the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser, as I’ve been wondering about that! And the cleansing cloths from Primark sound look – I literally bought a konjac sponge from Primark on Wednesday which I was really pleased to find in there!
    Great post!

    Rhianna x

  2. It is always dangerous to go in Primark! I was lucky I only came out with fluffy socks and cooling eye gels last time. There are so many cute things in there at the minute and the beauty section just seems to be getting bigger. The don’t look at me Lush mask is great, nothing beats Cupcake when you want a really deep clean though. Interested to find out how you get on with the other masks 🙂

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