Autumn fashion staples!

Autumn is upon us and I love Autumn fashion! The colours are amazing and everything is so cosy and comfortable!


Cardigans are so underrated but are so cosy and comfortable! They can be found cheap in shops such as primark and add a cute touch to most autumnal outfits.

Knitted jumpers

I love to buy these oversized and you can literally get these in any colour and style! You can go casual in a soft knitted jumper or you can go preppy and smart in one from a brand such as Ralph Lauren. I wear these a lot for fall since my school has a dress code.

Teddy coats

Now these are new for this year but they’ve taken the UK and US by storm! I purchased mine in August and I was surprised by their popularity at school and on instagram! I’m so glad that I have mine though, it’s incredible warm and cosy and ties most of my outfits together! I barely leave the house without it!


This material has become more popular in fall now and I love it! So many clothing items can be made from this from coats to skirts to baker boy hats. I love it and it’s so popular right now!


Of course, you can’t go anywhere in autumn without seeing boots at least once. Whether they’re ugg boots, timberlands or thigh high, these are a staple for autumn as they can be worn with pretty much any outfit.

Oversized hoodies

This one I’ve been wearing a lot recently, they get sold in a lot of places and look extremely cute, I have one that I got for free during a university summer school and it’s so cosy at night!


These are my favourite accessory of all time! They look so cute and I’m so glad that they’re coming back into fashion. I used to hate them back when I was in year 8 but now I barely use any other hair tie!


These are so cute! Especially when you wear an off the shoulder jumper and the strap can be seen! They look so cute under a huge coat too like you see on Instagram, though in Autumn I’d say it’s far too cold to do that!

And that’s all the staples I have for now! Please share your favourite autumnal clothing below!

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